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Page history last edited by Judi Moreillon 4 years, 8 months ago

Selected Presentations 2011 - 2017


Investing in Social Capital Counts. American Association of School Librarians, Phoenix, Arizona [Refereed]


Leadership: Many Roles for School Librarians: Panel Presentation. American Association of School Librarians, Phoenix, Arizona [Refereed]


Reaching Across the Aisle for Partnerships that Transform Youth Services. Arizona Library Association, Mesa, Arizona [Refereed]


Storytelling Matters: Reach Out with Digital Advocacy Stories. Arizona Library Association, Tucson, Arizona [Refereed]


Crowdsourcing: The New Bake Sale for School Libraries. Texas Library Association, Houston, Texas. [Refereed] with R. Dyer


Jazz Beats: Integrating Poetry, Art, Music, and Literature into an Inquiry Unit. Spicola Forum in Reading, Denton, Texas. [Refereed]


Coteaching Inquiry Learning and Reading Comprehension Strategies: A Perfect Match. American Association of School Librarians, Columbus, Ohio. [Refereed]


How Can Young People Benefit from Reading International Children’s and Young Adult Books? Spicola Forum in Reading, Denton, Texas. [Refereed] with J. Mathis


Shared Storytelling: Shaping Early Childhood Literacy through Stories. Billie J. Askew Reading Recovery and K-6 Literacy Institute, Dallas, Texas [Refereed]


What Every Preservice Classroom Teacher Should Know about Working with the School Librarian. College of Professional Education, Denton, Texas. [Non-Refereed] with R. McKee


Instructional Partnerships that Deliver Success: Meeting the Leadership Challenge. American Association of School Librarians 16th National Conference, Hartford, Connecticut. [Refereed] with J. Paradis, M. Duffy, S. Carnesi, C. Russo., K. Palmer, and D. Sapienza


Common sCORES: Instructional Partnerships that Deliver Success. American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois. [Refereed] with J. Paradis, M. Duffy, S. Carnesi, N. Mubarek, and S. Cameron


Dream Teams: Classroom Teachers and School Librarians Connect and Coteach for Student Success. National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada. [Refereed] with G. Voutos, S. Panter, S. Cameron, S. Conklin, L. Davis, and R. Kelly


Moreillon, J. & McKee, R. (2011, November). The Principal Connection: Educating Your Administrator to Value Your School Library Program. American Association of School Librarians 15th National Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota. [Refereed]


You can access my presentations wiki and complete curriculum vitae at: http://judimoreillon.wikispaces.com



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